Website Testing- Did you miss anything while testing?

website-testing-GIPS Infotech Website Testing- Did you miss anything while testing?

Website testiwww.gipsinfotech.inng is an extensive type of testing done at the website to cover every high-quality factor. website testing itself is a large testing term which includes numerous checking out areas and more than one testing activities to test website from every one-of-a-kind perspective.
The end cause of performing website testing is to make a consumer at ease in gaining knowledge of, understanding, the use of and navigating the website, and for that reason includes nearly all sorts of testing like
Functionality Testing For ensuring the meant and appropriate functionalities and features of a website.

– Usability testing : To make sure person-friendliness features of a website.
– Compatibility testing : Looks after the compatibility of a website on multiple versions of browsers, OS, network, hardware, software program, gadgets and many such elements, which might be needed in the functioning of a website.
– Overall performance testing :  Ensures the smooth performance of a website each below the anticipated and undesirable load, conditions and environment.
– Database testing : Issues with the veracity, integrity, consistency, accuracy of the numerous range of data saved at back end of the website.
– Security Checking Out : Ensures that no loopholes or security system defects left undetected within the website, which may additionally grant get entry to to unauthorized or malicious customers to website and can victimize the website with other malicious assaults.
each of the above stated testing kinds including a few extra types focuses and targets a couple of components of a website. for this reason, there may be lot to test in a website and a tester may possibly to miss one or greater critical testing/factors which may also need to be considered and tested. right here, we’re listing out a number of the crucial elements in a checklist format, which might be normally needs to be carried out to test a website.

Functionality Testing
Following things are normally desires to be tested whilst acting functionality test of a website.

  • Forms testing: forms on a website is used by the customers to either store or retrieve records. testing the form to ensure its consistency and integrity all through the website. further shape testing may also include following activities:
  • Validating every field of the form.
  • Validating each area with terrible or invalid price.
  • To make sure default values for every field.
  • Highlighting the necessary subject with asterix * image.
  • Testing password field capability to hide the entered password.
  • Link Testing: Testing numerous links present or described for a website and includes following sorts
  • External link: Links which directs the internet site to every other web page or website out of doors its area.
  • Inner link: Links directing one net page to every other web page inside the website domain. Providing direct get right of entry to to the client e-mail page with pre-filled wellknown statistics along with recipient cope with
  • Broken link: these links does now not offer get right of entry to to another page, internally and externally both. therefore, they’re called useless hyperlinks or damaged links.
  • Validation Testing: Website validation is carried out to ensure internet site adherence and conformance to positive special and established standards, which is used to optimize the website at seo stage. This includes validation of feeds, html, xhtml and css houses and tags.
  • Cookie testing

Database testing
Typically websites are driven via the again-quit of a gadget i.e. facts supplied and saved. accordingly, database testing is a critical testing for a website and might include following testing activities:

  • Correct and appropriate execution of database queries.
  • Verifying and validating the data integrity at some point of the database within the event of addition, deletion and update of statistics.
  • Accurate retrieval of records against the injected question.
  • Testing tables in conjunction with the triggers, saved approaches, and perspectives houses of a database.
  • Verifying all kinds of keys used in the database system.

Overall Performance Testing
In performance testing, positive targeted parameters wishes to be evaluated to evaluate the website performance underneath specific situations. performance testing of a website typically consists of following:

  • Balance of the website beneath one of a kind load (in terms of users) and elements to work
  • Uninterruptedly without going into the state of failure or crash down, like
    normal load, full useful resource utilization.
  • Everyday load with cut in assets.
  • Heavy load, full aid usage.
  • Heavy load with cut in resources.
  • Excessive load with complete access to resources.
  • Extreme load with confined get entry to assets.

Right here, resources may additionally consist of usage of hardware, software (assisted software), server, memory (RAM), CPU, network speed and connection, area. in addition, the above situations may additionally include time standards. generally, load, stress, soak, spike and quantity checking out is being executed to make certain stability and reliability of the website.

  • Scalability of the website to accommodate the developing and converting necessities (load and sources).
  • Response time, through put and speed of the internet site under unique load and situations as stated above.

Usability testing
If a person lacks hobby in using and navigating a website, this at once influences the site visitors on the website. therefore, usability testing is important
QA activity to make sure consumer-friendliness characteristic of a website. In usability testing, following points can be taken into consideration:

  • Testing design, format and presentation of the internet site as per the consumer’s want & expectation.
  • Easy & smooth navigation & manipulate between the internet pages at some stage in the internet site.
  • Content material additionally performs a first-rate role in maintaining the person’s interest. therefore, content testing desires to be done on the internet site, which may additionally encompass, spelling and grammatical blunders, photographs & font length & fashion, coloration, and other perceivable factors of the website.

Compatibility Testing
Compatibility testing is executed to make certain compatibility and in the end the meant and appropriate functioning of the website across more than one variants of browsers, working systems, devices, hardware or software program, network configuration & settings, show resolution in conjunction with their one-of-a-kind variations.
Protection testing
website or net security testing is achieved to discover and correct or eliminate safety
vulnerabilities present in the website. Following sports may be achieved underneath web security testing:

  • Penetration testing of the internet site, i.e. attacking the system to hit upon protection flaws    and loopholes.
  • Getting access to internet site using invalid or incorrect credentials (login & password) more than one instances.
  • Checking log files positioned at server and containing the various information along with those of transactions, blunders messages, security breaches, etc.
  • Hacking & cracking the password.
  • Verifying the submission of confidential information and information through SSL certificate (HTTP).
  • Checking the square injection assaults on the internet site.
  • To ensure automated termination of periods within the event of non-interest of person for a considerable amount of time. in addition, the logout consumer should no longer able to use consultation further.
  • Checking the unauthorized get admission to confidential statistics, information and net log files and repositories.

User Interface Testing

A person interface mainly comprises three components- software, database server and internet server. those three additives are had to be tested to make sure right interfacing at the side of the accurate and appropriate waft of the facts.

Above listed, is only a general checklist which generally covers almost all sorts of internet site and important testing regions in conjunction with the corresponding testing methods. however, a tester may also extend the listing based totally on the desired necessities & specification, and the need felt by means of him/her, to perform extra in-depth and thorough testing of the website in order that nothing gets missed out.


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